Thursday, June 27, 2013

For What It's Worth. BangBang. You're Dead.

I'm going to start off by thanking anyone who reads this site & especially those who have been reading my foul-mouthed opinions from the myspace days. Not going to beat around the bush here. There was a time in the past, and for a short span recently, when I enjoyed giving my 2 cents about films. Hell, sometimes I still do but it's really few and far in between these days. I never had any lofty ambitions or thought that what I have to offer in this department is some type of novel approach or actually matters. I kind of did it to amuse myself and because people seemed to get a laugh out of it. Thing is, I don't enjoy it in a serious capacity. Never have. This was always more of me shooting off my mouth like I would around my friends.

I've come to the decision that I will not be expanding Silver Bullet Cinema. It shall remain what it is. Which is me randomly talking shit. will become active as one of my production companies and will not be a review site. If you will indulge me, the following is a quick explanation. For what it's worth.

I'm an actor. I'm a musician. I'm a writer of fiction. I love creating. I'm an artist. No, I don't use the word with any pompous levity. It's just a fact like a baker is a baker. I've been acting and making music for money my whole life; music starting from when I was barely a teen. I'm not into judging. Personally, it's hard enough to not criticize my own art and as an artist, being a serious critic of others does not play well in my sphere. It goes against me as a personality. I'm not into unwarranted and serious criticism and the more I thought about the opportunity presented to me to expand and possibly make a little scratch from it, the more I felt like a traitor. NOT saying critics are bad people. Some of my favorite people and friends are critics and though it may not seem like it, some of them are critics because they are absolutely in love with film or music. I have no personal problem with critics. The good ones keep us artists in check and help us improve constructively. I felt like a traitor because instead of moving forward at a personally important and opportune time for me as an artist, I would instead be criticizing others for their creations while adding nothing creatively myself. It's not what I live for and if you are not doing something you live for, you are wasting your life. 

I will certainly jump on here and drop some snark randomly. I'll certainly be doing another 31 Nights of Horror and 5 From 31 article. No worries. Sincere thanks again to my readers. You guys and gals are rad to the maximum.

Much Love,