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Welcome to Silver Bullet Cinema.  My name is Chance Kelley.  I'm a sometimes working actor, musician and writer. I'll also be directing my first film in a few months. Please contain your excitement.  I have a degree in Film Production and Critical Studies & attended the Actors Studio in NY. Someone pour me a whiskey. I love all things cinema and have a particular fascination with the Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Cult genres, especially from the 70's and 80's.  These genres will be my focus on SBC. My favorite movie of all time is probably John Carpenter's "Halloween" followed closely by Dario Argento's "Suspiria".  This is my little rant space where I can break off a piece about the films I watch and generally blather on about my bullshit all over the interweb.  If your sense of humor doesn't include harsh language, facetiousness, dry wit and twisted dark side, this site might have an adverse effect on you. You've been forewarned.

In film school I became sick to death of the bullshit high brow film lovers who praise Goddard and sit naked watching "The Godfather" repeatedly while looking down their noses at my favorite genres when in fact most of them were in school because they pissed their pants watching "Star Wars" as a kid.  I love "Citizen Kane" and a lot of critically masturbated films as much as the rest of the filmy-folk but I wanted to have a space where I can marry my love for my favorite genres, with both a critical eye and a purely film-geek perspective. Let's face it, some movies aren't technically very good but they are a fuckload more entertaining than those with Oscar nods. Also, I'm a strong believer that a film review should be more than some asshole's uneducated opinion who (for instance) has no idea what effect certain shots have from certain angles on an audience or are lost when we get into the subtext of the thematic elements (what the movie is really about). Does that make me a snob? Do you think I give a shit? HOWEVER, nor should it be solely from the perspective of some uptight prick who creams their jeans at the sight of an abstract French Film while scoffing at "Big Trouble In Little China" or "Heavy Metal" (an offence punishable by fustigation). Anyfuck, here's a breakdown of the ratings and sections in my little slice of movie blogdom. By the way, I've been using this system since the Myspace days so I don't want to hear any shit about there being similar formats out there. Lunatics think alike I suppose. I'll be throwing a wrench in this soon with some changes but for now...

When I do an official SBC film review, I use 2 different scores:
(When I do a specialty article that has one movie score, I'm using my Bullet Points score)

CRITICAL SCORE = A technical rating out of 10 points. How the film stacks up against any and all films ever.  Basically, a film review score.

BULLET POINTS = A rating out of 10 points on pure entertainment value, fun factor and whether or not I enjoyed myself, which may or may not take into account how good the film is technically.  My score.

The Sections are currently as follows:

PLOT = umm, the plot.

TRAILER TRASH = Any thoughts on the flick before actually seeing it; AKA things that affect your judgment.  I usually am a pretty clean slate, giving everything a fair shot, but you'd be full of shit if you really thought that you are completely impartial.  Trailers, word of mouth, personal opinion concerning actors, directors, love or hatred of the genre, etc all play on your mindset when forming critical opinions.  I think this is an important consideration because frame of mind effects judgment.

LOCK & LOAD = The Review.

PICKING BONES = Stuff that rubbed me the wrong way or downright pissed me off.  Things I find incompetent, inane, pointless, etc.

CRUCIAL RAD  = Things that are above average and commendable, sometimes including interesting little factolas one may or may not know.  I can find something well done or good about almost anything.  This is because I'm not a whiny unfair prick and all wins should be celebrated.

SPLATTER FACTOR = Pretty much what it sounds like.  Did this film desensitize you to the point of becoming a serial killer or leave you thinking you are watching a Hallmark movie?

THE KILLSHOT = My final thoughts on the film; a brief summation. Read this if you want the basics.

I may add more sections later depending on interest... I'm toying with a section on what males and females will ocularly enjoy about the opposite sex in the film. Also considering an Actor Nitpick since as an actor I am constantly critiquing that while I watch a movie.  Any thoughts and ideas are most certainly encouraged.  Don't be afraid to leave a comment and voice your opinion.  Opinions are always welcome here, even if you just want to tell me that my hair is nice or that I am a sack of shit.  I promise you that I'm too apathetic to care.

Cheers, Bag Your Face & Much Love

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