Saturday, February 23, 2013


Rated: R

DIRECTOR / WRITER: Scott Derrickson

STARRING: Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, Michael Hall D'Addario, Clare Foley



Ellison Oswalt, a once successful author of True-Crime novels, is desperate for one more hit. He moves his family into the home that is the investigative basis for his new book, a home where an entire family was murdered and a child remains missing. Ellison comes across a box of Super8 films in the attic that were not there before. The motherfuckin' spooky shenanigans ensue.

This flick had a solid advert that caught my attention. I usually like trailers that give you a little less of the plot, but this one did it's job. I missed a lot of films in the theaters in 2012. This is one I had planned on screening because it hit around Halloween. Some other gnarly happs went down so unfortunately, I had to wait for Blu. Anticipation. Ethan Hawke was a good indicator to me that the acting and the rest of the cast were going to be on point. All of that jazz had me looking forward to this one moreso than most other horror flicks last year. So did I snuff this bitchin' flick out or did I set myself up to be boogie'd on?..

Friday, February 22, 2013


 Rated: PG-13

Andy Muschietti

Jessica Chastain, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier, Isabelle Nelisse

CRITICAL SCORE: 6 / 10               BULLET POINTS: 7.5 / 10

After horrific shenanigans leave them abandoned for 5 years in a cabin deep in the woods, two young girly chilluns are found and adopted by their uncle and his somewhat apathetic rocker girlfriend. How did the girls survive on their own?... or were they really alone? Mama said freak you out.

Straight up, this trailer looked flat out gnurkin' & I was actually pumped for this one. Guillermo Del Toro's stamp was on the flick, which doesn't do anything for me either way. I dig his flicks but homeboy's stamp was on Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark which was (meh)diocre. Plus Del Toro kind of gets behind a certain type of "horror" film that is more dark fantasy than straight horror. So my stoked outlook was a bit tempered by that and the fact that Mama grabbed a PG-13 rating. Add in rocked out Chastain smoking up the screen and that sister-fucker we all love to hate, Jaime Lannister (Coster-Waldau who is awesome in Game of Thrones) and I was hopeful. So, did I throw Mama from the train or did she suck my soul out of my back?...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Enhanced & ReWolfed

I'm champing at the bit.

So, here's the lowdown on what's coming up for my filmy rant-space.  I am refocusing this blog to the Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Cult genres.  I'll also be branching out beyond just reviews and posting articles, lists, blurbs, passive aggressive prattle & pictures that will steam your eyeballs into hard boiled ocular eggs. Just peel and look again with newly nude orbs. Ch,Ch,Ch, Change.

Not fershure how all this is going to add up to a coherent space but I'm here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And quote flicks. Coherency is massively overrated.  Expect more totally ace posts, eye-twitch inducing twists on your favorite cuss words, more slang from the 80's than you can throw your checkered Van's at, poetic license flexed hard on this brogue we call English and my take on things past, present and future in the best genres of celluloid and digibits. The full moon is less than a few nights away, so I better get started before full shapeshift. 

My canines are itching.

~ Later Days & Better Lays ~